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Why choose Ti?

Hele Mele Botanicals

Why did we choose the ti plant for our logo? Although it's not native to hawaii, the ti plant was important enough that early polynesian settlers to Hawaii brought it with them. It is therefore classified as a "canoe plant". These chosen plants had many uses to the people carrying them. Ti is found throughout South Asia, Northern Australia and Oceania. It's uses and significance varying by area. In Hawaii, we have used it traditionally for religious ceremony, indication of royalty, signs of peace, good luck, ornamentation and occasionally a food source to name a few.

At Hele Mele Botanicals we use the plant in our potted plants not just for it's green waxy leaves and the beauty it brings to any space, but for the significance of the plant itself as a symbol of peace and good luck. Many traditional Hawaiian lei methods include the use of ti. There are lei made entirely from ti - both head and neck lei made in the methods of hilo, haku or hili. It also serves as both base and/or content in lei made in the kui, wili and haku styles. In our floral styling, we often use the leaf as content in an arrangement, placed under a vase or plate, placed on a plate under food, wrapped around a pole or material needing to be covered. Ti leaves wrapped in various formations create wrappings, some called pu'olo, which function as recyclable bags, offerings or gifts. This is just to name a few.

We were so amazed by the diverse ways we use this plant to create beauty in our botanicals, that we chose it as our logo plant. The ti perfectly represents our signature "graciously Hawaiian" style.

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