• Maria

Our curated designs and why to buy.

Our curated floral arrangements that are offered in our shop were specifically designed with a thought process that included the style, product and what we wanted to name it. We have had a lot of experience in helping our clients walk through a design process on what would be suitable and best for why and what occasion they were looking to send flowers. There is always uncertainty on what a client is looking for and that is why we created a simple platform of what we feel will give just enough variety for any occasion.

As an experienced designer I had to incorporate many different styles of design to create lush, modern, minimal, organic and many more different versions of the style of floral arrangements we wanted to offer. Having the best floral vendors that we trust and work very closely with assure that all the designs that leave our studio are guaranteed satisfaction to our client and recipient.

We had to find our focus on finding the perfect local and outsourced blossoms that anchor our designs and give a dramatic presence. Incorporating different ranges of color shades and focusing on highlighting on focal blossoms that are extraordinary. Contrast and textures add to our arrangements as well as softness that add movement to our designs. We love to forage the unexpected!

Below is a brief summary of our most popular designs offered especially for you…..

Organic custom arrangements are made entirely of foliage with accents of texture. We search and find beauty in branches, pods and a variety of dried elements that will be perfect accents to our arrangements. These beauties can take center stage in any event environment or just a stand-alone piece. We love to forage the unexpected!

Modern tropical arrangement started with color. When planning the arrangement, the choices were endless and very overwhelming, however, when choosing the main color scheme, we knew that the base colors would be red, orange, yellow and dark green foliage. Sometimes we may add hints of color which would include purple and pink accents.

Vintage Hawaiian to us was more subtle, while still using tropical blooms and light/dark green foliage, we chose to have this styles color scheme to be pink, purple, and red.

Garden Romance is dedicated to our clients that prefer a softer style of design. The rose is considered The Queen of the garden and with accents of orchid blooms, soft seasonal blooms and foliage we feel we do her justice. Based on availability our choices of soft blooms to add would be ranunculus and stock. Although we offer it in soft tones, we certainly can design this in bold colors upon request.

Dozen Roses Hawaiian Style! As mentioned above, the rose deserves very special attention. We know that a dozen red roses are what is considered to be a sign of love. This is why we have updated our version of what we consider to be the ultimate dozen red roses. We enhance our arrangements with tropical foliage and accents of cymbidium blooms. We also offer a tall and low version that our clients can choose from and upon request color choice of rose can be replaced.

“My love is like a red, red rose” wrote Poet Robert Burns.

Many see red roses as the definition of romance.