Buy Living Florals for Party Decorations that Look Beautiful During Your Event

If you’re interested in unique party decorations, then you should come see us at Hele Mele Botanicals. We are focused on delivering beautiful party decorations to our clients, whether you’re having a wedding, bridal shower or other kind of event. At Hele Mele Botanicals, we can give you wedding party ideas and bridal shower ideas, too. For example, have you thought about having a DIY party? We offer a number of fun DIY parties that are great for people looking for wedding party ideas or bridal shower ideas. Stop worrying about the event and let us handle everything from set up to tear down and clean up.

With our DIY activities, guests will make a floral creation that they can take home, remembering the occasion cheerfully in the future. We use high-quality materials and have expert guidance from a team that has decades of experience. These activities are all about having fun and learning at the same time.

One good DIY option is our flower bar party. This event is a crowd favorite, because we demonstrate how to make a floral arrangement before guiding guests to do the same. We bring a large variety of seasonal flowers, so guests and create their own art to take away. This DIY project takes around two hours, and we will provide all the materials and tools you need.

If you want to do a DIY project that is a little more specific, you can sign up for a traditional Hawaiian-style lei making party. This party lets you design a lei po’o or lei a’i from a selection of fresh greens and florals. Everyone leaves with a customized lei that they’ve made, making this one of our most popular events. Again, this takes around two hours, and we’ll provide the tools and materials you need.

Another excellent party idea is our mini garden party. With this party, we help you make a small mini garden using a selection of succulents, herbs, flowers, air plants and more. You can take home your creation and watch it grow. We welcome all ages to this mini garden party. The duration varies, so send us an email or give us a call to talk about who will be coming to your party to get a better idea of the length of time it will take at or 808-426-7926.

Whether you’re interested in making lei po’o or want to get wedding party ideas that stand out, we’re always here to help. At Hele Mele Botanicals, we want you to experience the beauty of floral arranging and to take away memories that will last for many years to come.