~ Graciously Hawaiian

Living plants and flowers bring in the beauty and freshness of outdoors. Our team provides full service interior plantscaping including the design, installation, maintenance and rotation of interior plants.  From luxury homes to hotels, offices, elegant lobbies, open walkways and more, we make it easy to maintain lush, attractive greenery and blooms in your space.  

Our MAINTENANCE program begins with the design and installation of plantscapes customized to your space.  From there, our team provides regular maintenance including watering, pruning, cleaning and fertilizing.  We promptly replace any plant that begins to lose its vitality guaranteeing your space always looks fresh.


In spaces where frequent changes of style and color are desired, our ROTATION program provides carefully curated interior plants on a regular replacement schedule.  This program typically rotates plants bi-weekly and focuses on blooming, festive, and holiday specific plants.  

Our team will work with you to determine which program(s) best suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation today and let us bring botanical beauty to your space.