Learn Lei Making from a Professional with Decades of Experience at Hele Mele Botanicals in Honolulu, HI

Lei making is a lot of fun and lets you express yourself through your floral choices. At Hele Mele Botanicals, Mary has the experience of creating leis and has won awards for her efforts. She also teaches all seven styles of traditional Hawaiian lei making along with styles from other areas such as Polynesia and Micronesia. At our Hawaiian-style lei making party, we help your group design a beautiful lei po-o or lei a’i from a selection of greens and fresh florals. Our expert instructors lead each person to create a piece that they can wear and take with them. It may be no surprise, but this is one of our most popular events. It takes approximately two hours, and all materials and tools will be provided.

There are many kinds of lei, so if you’d like to try something different, we also offer lei making events in the Hawaiian methods of wili, haku, hili, kui and humupapa. We also teach some Tahitian and Micronesian style lei.

With our DIY parties, you can take any event to the next level. Whether you’re a wedding party looking for a unique event for your bride or a group of students studying the history of Hawaii or other regions, we are here to help you with lei making from professionals who know the history and designs that are a part of Hawaiian culture.