Get the Perfect Hawaiian Gifts for Your Guests with a Lei or Lei Po’o

Hawaiian gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but the right Hawaiian gifts leave an impression on your guests, colleagues or others that you want to impress. Why not offer them a lei or lei po’o? We offer several forms of lei on our website, so that you can buy one from our shop at at the simple click of a button. Some of our current offerings include a ti headband, a Tahitian-style ti le po’o, a classic beauty lei po’o, a flower power lei po’o, and a natural greens lei po’o. Every lei design we make is a beautiful collection of florals from around the region. All of our lei are made with seasonal materials, so please keep in mind that they may vary from month to month.

If you’re looking for something a little more modern, reach out to us about our ti headband. The headband is a modern take on the lei po’o and combined a braided green ti leaf with floral accents to create a striking headpiece. The headband has a single green ti leaf band, a small selection of seasonal flowers and foliage and a raffia tie at the base. We’d love to help with custom orders, so please contact us at info@helemelebotanicals.com or 808-426-7926.

If you’re concerned about florals for any reason, you can try our Tahitian-style ti lei po’o instead. This is made completely of red ti leaves or green ti leaves, so there are no florals involved. Better yet, these are unisex, so if you’re not sure how many lei po’o you need for men or women, then this is a good option. The ti plant is a symbol of good luck, so why not use this as a gift for your coworkers or others in your life?

We are committed to malama ‘aina, so we do our best to use locally sourced materials. We reduce packaging and recycle and reuse items when possible. If you want us to pick up past delivered materials, like vessels, plants or floral supply materials, we’ll take $5 off your next order for every ceramic, wood, or metal vessel returned to us.

If you are in a rush to get an order sent to you, make sure you reach out to us quickly. All orders for lei should be placed by 12 pm at least two business days before they’re to be delivered. We do not deliver on Sunday or holidays, so please keep that in mind. We do offer complimentary delivery of lei and lei po’o from areas in Moanalua to Hawaii Kai, and we can also work with you if you need expedited delivery or special requests fulfilled.