Give Out a Piece of Hawaiian Culture with Floral Gift Baskets from Hele Mele Botanicals

Corporate gifts can seem dry and impersonal, which is why it’s a great idea to give away a piece of Hawaiian culture in the form of a botanical gift basket. At Hele Mele, we take pride in creating beautiful centerpieces, and flower arrangements that are of the highest quality in our gift basket options. Our owners have decades of experience, so you can be sure that any floral arrangements received will last and stand out beautifully in any office setting. Whether you’re unsure of what to give a acquaintances as corporate gifts or you’re focused on giving your coworkers something elegant from Hawaii as a parting gift, we’re here to help.

On our website, you can visit our shop page to see some of the floral arrangements we currently offer. All of our pieces are chosen carefully, so that the flowers you receive are at their brightest and most vivacious when they arrive to you. We never let floral designs with poor vitality leave our facility. We are also happy to speak with you about your specific needs if you contact us at or 808-426-7926. Our award-winning lei designer and experienced floral designer both have the tools and experience needed to create the perfect floral piece for your organization. You may be interested in a number of lei designs for gifts, or perhaps you want to purchase a maintenance plan for floral designs that you send to a respected peer. Whatever you want to do, we’ll help you make it happen. Call us today to speak with us about the flowers you’d like to purchase and to learn more about our services. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get the right piece for any gift-giving situation.