Contact a Local Florist or Floral Designers to Get the Best Interior Plants in Honolulu, HI

Floral Designers take a lot of time to put together beautiful floral pieces for your home or business. When you choose a local florist, you’re putting money back into the economy and your trust into someone who knows your area and what people like yourself expect. Your local florists at Hele Mele Botanicals are prepared to help you bring life into your interior space with maintenance, rotation or one-off plant schedules.

At our shop, we focus on bringing beautiful Hawaiian flower arrangements to you.

You can choose from maintained plants that our team will help you water, rotate and keep looking lush, or you can choose rotational schedules where we bring you new plants regularly. For those who are looking for a single floral piece for work or home, you can reach out to your local florist for help picking out the perfect plant, or you can buy a floral piece online and have it delivered to you or to a designated recipient.

Maria and Mary run Hele Mele Botanicals as a combination of their interests. Mary is a lover of botanicals and is a lifelong, award-winning lei maker. She also teaches all seven styles of traditional Hawaiian lei making along with styles from other areas such as Polynesia and Micronesia. She also studied Ikebana for over 10 years. Maria started our in Solana Beach, California, working for 20 years in floral design. She was also a floral designer at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Both have a lifelong passion for botanicals that shows through in their present work. If you are interested in purchasing a single flower arrangement or would like to talk to Mary or Maria about the corporate arrangements you need, contact us today at or 808-426-7926.